FAA Directive 2, EASA Issue 2

FSTD Update Solutions

At a Glance...

StallBox is an industry-proven hardware and software solution designed to provide airlines and training centers with the stall models and instructor displays necessary to conduct Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).


The StallBox solution minimizes computational and schedule impacts on the host device by off-loading flight model execution to an external computer that communicates with the existing host simulator system.


The StallBox Process

Model Development



Depending on the aircraft type, Bihrle will provide a stall model from its existing library of models or develop a representative model for the specific aircraft type. If a model needs to be developed, Bihrle will use a process recognized by the FAA to develop the type-representative stall model, leveraging computational and empirical methods and its 40+ year experience in high angle-of-attack aerodynamics

The stall models are hosted on the external "StallBox" which connects to the existing simulator and requires only a lightweight code interface on the simulator host computer for communication. Using a Bihrle-provided API and check cases, the device operator will establish the communication interface with the StallBox computer and verify it's operation.

Using a process recognized by the FAA, the type-representative (aka "Exemplar") stall model will be verified by a qualified Subject Matter Expert (SME) and adjusted as necessary. Upon successful evaluation of the model by the regulatory authorities, the simulator will receive an FAA endorsement for upset prevention and recovery training.

Key Features

StallBox is designed as a cost-effective solution for providing UPRT capabilities in existing simulators.

Representative stall model


No OEM data required


Meets ICAO and FAA recommendations


Optional UPRT instructor displays

Easy installation ensures minimal downtime


Does not impact existing simulator certification


Will not interfere with future baseline simulation updates


Upcoming Events

EATS 2019

18th European Airline Training Symposium | 29-30 October, 2019 | Berlin

David Gingras, Vice President, Bihrle Applied Research Inc., will be presenting the extremely relevant and timely topic:

Experiences of FSTD Envelope Expansion Using Non-OEM Models

The presentation provides a background into the use of non-OEM models to meet UPRT requirements including recovery from full stall covering requirements, source data, and SME evaluation.

I/ITSEC 2019

Dec 2-6 | Orlando, FL | Booth #3040


Bihrle will be featuring its high-fidelity fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight models, StallBox simulator upgrade solution, and simulation development and deployment software tools in immersive state-of-the-art demonstrations.

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