What Makes StallBox so Compelling?


Stall Models
Type-representative or
“exemplar” stall models
provide realistic upset prevention and recovery training and meet FAA guidelines for stall modeling.

No OEM Data Required
Bihrle-developed stall models based on predictive and empirical data validated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available in the absence of OEM data.

Instructor Displays
Instructor display software for UPRT can be integrated within an existing IOS or provided for desktop or mobile devices

Easy Installation
Typical installations can be accomplished in a couple of days with minimal impact to training schedules.

No Recertification
Since the StallBox implementation leaves the baseline flight model intact, no recertication of the baseline model is required.

Optional Models & Scenarios
Bihrle offers additional models including in-flight icing, crosswind gusts & bounced landing models as well as instructor control options such as pitch-up, pitch-down, and bank upset scenarios.

Low Computational Load
Since enhanced models are executed on the StallBox hardware, minimal additional computational load is placed on the existing simulator.

Fail Safe Design
In the event that the StallBox is taken off-line, the simulator automatically and seamlessly reverts to the baseline flight model

Future Expansion
The StallBox platform provides the ability to easily incorporate additional models for future training enhancements.

Implemented as an external “black box” solution, StallBox provides a cost-effective alternative to potentially costly software updates to the baseline flight model.

Competitive Advantage
StallBox allows training centers to immediately offer Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, thereby giving early adopters an advantage over their competition.

Available Now
StallBox provides a proven implementation that is immediately available to meet the stall training requirements of regulatory authorities.


StallBox incorporates the latest technologies to deliver a robust and reliable solution.

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