What makes StallBox so compelling?

icon Features

  • icon Stall Models
    Type-representative or "exemplar" stall models provide realistic upset prevention and recovery training and meet FAA guidelines for stall modeling.
  • icon No OEM Data Required
    Bihrle-developed stall models based on predictive and empirical data validated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available in the absence of OEM data.
  • icon Instructor Displays
    Instructor display software for UPRT can be integrated within an existing IOS or provided for desktop or mobile devices.
  • icon Easy Installation
    Typical installations can be accomplished in a couple of days with minimal impact to training schedules.
  • icon No Recertification
    Since the StallBox implementation leaves the baseline flight model intact, no recertication of the baseline model is required.
  • icon Minimal Host Updates
    Enhanced software models reside on the StallBox hardware rather than requiring complex code modifications to the baseline flight model.
  • icon Low Computational Load
    Since enhanced models are executed on the StallBox hardware, minimal additional computational load is placed on the existing simulator.
  • icon Fail Safe Design
    In the event that the StallBox is taken off-line, the simulator automatically and seamlessly reverts to the baseline flight model.
  • icon Future Expansion
    The StallBox platform provides the ability to easily incorporate additional models for future training enhancements.
  • icon Affordable
    Implemented as an external "black box" solution, StallBox provides a cost-effective alternative to potentially costly software updates to the baseline flight model.
  • icon Competitive Advantage
    StallBox allows training centers to immediately offer Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, thereby giving early adopters an advantage over their competition.
  • icon Available Now
    StallBox provides a proven implementation that is immediately available to meet the stall training requirements of regulatory authorities.

icon Specifications

StallBox incorporates the latest technologies to deliver a robust and reliable solution.

  • 1U rackmount or workstation configurations
  • Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor
  • 256 Gb Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 8 Gb SO-DIMM DDR3 Memory
  • Intel Wireless-N and Bluetooth
  • [Optional] UPRT instructor display software
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Give your training center the competitive advantage

  • Install StallBox and offer UPRT simulator training today!